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Our Values

Uni – is a three letter word that is powerful beyond its root. The latin meaning of “uni” is “one”, in which tons of strong words derive from. 

Unique: There is beauty in being different, standing out, and not fitting in. Every person is unique in their own way and that is something to be celebrated. We should cherish, embrace, and understand the value that comes from being rare and one of a kind.

Unity: Our differences should not create barriers from connecting to one another. We should celebrate the variation of stories, backgrounds, personalities, and opinions each person has. When we do this, we start to discover a deeper connection in humankind.

Universe: It is easy to get stuck in our own world, forgetting that there is a bigger picture than just what we see. When we are able to step back, we can appreciate the beauty of life itself and appreciate that we all play an individual role and have a purpose in something so grand.

Unisex: Society has convinced us that everything has to have a gender, including apparel. Uni Co. is a unisex clothing line and stands for inclusivity. No item is off-limits for any gender or sex.


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